Robin McKenzie’s method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy is an active patient treatment philosophy that teaches patients self treatment techniques and thus control of their own pain. Prevention of future episodes is emphasized. The treatment plan is based on your specific spine syndrome. Marjorie has been Certified in this method since 1995. Each therapist at spine and sport has McKenzie specific training.


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Why Choose Us

  • Your unique evaluation performed by our experienced Manual Therapists.
  • You will be listened to – all initial evaluations last a full hour.
  • You will be given the tools & education needed to be successful.
  • You will feel welcomed by our warm and friendly staff.
  • We are conveniently located & boast an upscale facility with ample parking.


During my visit with a specialist at The Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, I mentioned my neck pain. He responded immediately ‘Well, you are in luck, you live where one of the best therapists in the country lives, Marjorie Rodd at Spine & SPort Institute’
Former Patient
I want to write and thank you personally. Your astute observations saved this patient’s life.
Vero Beach Physician
I sincerely respect you and your professionalism and deeply appreciate the service you provide our mutual patients.
Vero Beach Physician
How lucky I was the day I met you! An interested, understanding and knowledgable professional.
Former Patient
I want to let you know what an incredible group of people you have working for you. They seem more like family than coworkers. All treated me with kindness, compassion and respect, including the office staff.
Former Patient


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